Belgaum city, known as Belagavi is a good choice to live in because of its good weather, many places to travel nearby and in the city itself, a decent educational facility for students, good transportations, good roads, culture, food, etc.

All the facilities in the city related to your daily need and quality of the environment of the city are good. And in the future also Belagavi is going to be developed even better, one of the most prominent reasons supporting this point is that Belagavi has been selected in the list of Smart city development project initiated by the central government, so it can be hoped that in future, you will see even better Belagavi.

Belgaum location at Maharashtra and Karnataka Border

Belagavi shares the border of Karnataka and Maharashtra so the traditional mixture of Kannada and Maharashtra makes Belagavi an exciting place to be in, the variety of festivals celebrated here creates an even more interesting environment in the city. People here speak multiple languages due to community blend, which includes Kannada, Marathi, English, and Hindi.

Weather throughout the year in Belgaum is also awesome, here summers are moderately warm, and chilling winters will make you shiver but you are gonna love it. Monsoon also arrives at the right time in the season between mid-June and may last till the end of September.

When it comes to food cuisine, here you will get a mixture of Kannada and Maharashtrian cuisine. Kunda is a famous and delicious local sweet in the Belagavi, even if you are on a short visit to Belagavi, you should not leave this place without tasting Kunda. 

Kunda, Belgaum's Local famous sweet

When it comes to the educational environment in Belagavi, it has KLE University, Rani Chennamma University, several engineering colleges, dental colleges, Vishveswarayya Technological University (one and only, of the state), art, commerce, medical and ayurvedic colleges. Belagavi has a lot of educational institutions for the youngsters to pursue the education of their interest and build their career of choice.

When it comes to traveling, believe me, there are many places you can explore here, Belagavi is surrounded by many natural beauties like dams and also with places of historical importance like forts and temples..

Here I am listing down the places you can visit in and nearby Belagavi.

  1.    Gokak Falls
Gokak Falls in Belgaum
  1.    Belgaum Fort
  1.    Kamala Basti
Kamala Basti  in Belgaum
  1.    Jamboti Hills & Falls
Jamboti Falls in Belgaum
  1.    Military Mahadeva Temple
Military Mahadev Temple in Belgaum
  1.    Rajhansgad Yellur Fort
Rajhansgad Yellur Fort in Belgaum
  1.    Shri Ramkrishna Mission Ashram
Shri Ram Krishna Mission Ashram in Belgaum
  1.    Kittur Fort & Palace
Kittur Fort in Belgaum
  1.    Sri Mauli Devi Temple
Sri Mauli Devi temple in Belgaum
  1. Shri Hari Mandir
Shri Hari Mandir in Belgaum
  1. Hidkal Dam
Hidkal Dam in Belgaum
  1. Kapileshwar Temple
Kapileshwar Temple in Belgaum
  1. Military Durga Devi Temple
Military Durga Devi Temple in Belgaum
  1. Vajrapoha Falls
Vijrapoha falls in Belgaum
  1. St. Mary’s Church
St Merry's Church in Belgaum
  1. Parasgad Fort
Parasgad fort in Belgaum
  1. Safa Masjid
Safa Masjid in Belgaum
  1. Yellamma Temple
Yellamma temple in Belgaum

  19. Sural Falls

Sural falls in Belgaum

These are the things you get in Belgaum/Belagavi and more to explore.  So, what’s your plan with Belgaum? Please share in the comment section. 

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