Another beauty in the garland of Western Ghats that you can’t miss, Surla waterfalls or Sural falls is an amazing and thrilling place for tourists to trek. Surla falls is located 50 km from Belgaum at Karnataka and Goa border, this waterfall attracts many tourists from the various parts of the country.

Surla waterfall trekking near Belgaum

Surla falls is also called Venezuela of Karnataka, the depth of waterfall is about 300 feet and it looks very impressive throughout the year, being surrounded by the beautiful forest, it makes surla falls an exciting trekking route.

The Best time to trek: 

Surla fall is beautiful all over the year, you can visit here in any month but if you want to experience the fullest of Surla falls then you must visit here in monsoon. In monsoon also you get two peak opportunity to live the excitement at its best, first is in August and September, at this time rain takes a short break and the sunshine is smooth and crispy, clouds float over the green western ghats you are gonna love this view from the known viewpoints.

Surla waterfall in Monsoon season

And the second time is from October to January, at this time water in the sural fall is moderate and you will get the best opportunity to trek from the base to the top and vice-versa. At this time you can chat with the birds in the forest and explore flora and fauna.

water flow in surla fall in the forest  while trekking

Trekking guide:

Trek starts from the Kalsa, passing through rocky beds you will reach the beautiful Kalsa waterfall, there also you can explore for some time then forward in the forest you will reach the surla waterfall.

Kalsa waterfall in the way to Surla waterfall trekking

When trekking in monsoon don’t forget to put on your jackets, take care of your electronic gadgets in rain to avoid any damage, don’t go far alone because the forest is dense, and mobile network signals are weak there. You should prefer wearing a dull outfit because crisp and bright colors may scare animals, wear track pants and boots for ease. And if you want to trek to the top or bottom of the waterfall then you should prefer trekking after the monsoons for ease in trekking

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