Yes, Yellur fort or Rajhansgad fort is the vantage point for Belgaum because from this fort you can view every part of the Belgaum and this fort is visible from every part of the Belgaum. Located at the distance of about 24 km from the Belgaum near Yellur village, Rajhansgad fort being surrounded by grain fields, from the top provides you the prime view of Belgaum.

The fort is about 762 meters above the sea level, here is the picture of the aerial view of Rajhans Gad fort.

Rajhans gad fort/Yellur fort located neat Belgaum

Reaching the fort is easy because roads are good and if you are on the bicycle ride to the fort, you are gonna enjoy it.

Rajhans gad fort/Yellur fort located neat Belgaum

The walls of the fort are heavy and strong, when you look at the fort in a situation like as if any enemy army or troop is approaching, you can find that the fort is built so strategically that it provides you with many preventive measures and alert signal to avoid and resist enemy capture, like strong and heavy walls to resist enemy, binocular window to spot enemy, small exit routes through the walls for a surprise attack on the enemy, if they have breached the fort entrance.
And the entrance door of the fort is a masterpiece in itself because it is designed in such a way that a visitor or intruder can be spotted from three different directions from the fort, before entering the fort.

The enterance gate of the Rajhans gad fort/Yellur fort located neat Belgaum

It is believed that the fort is many centuries old and different kingdoms like Adilshah, Yadav, Peshwas, and Bahamani ruled over it in their time. People also say that there was a tunnel which used to connect Belgaum fort to the Rajhans Gad in the past.

What is on the Yellur fort?

The road around the fort is in such a way that, when traveling to the fort, you can experience the fort from different angles, which will make your travel more exciting. On the fort, you will find a well of fresh and sweet water and a Lord Shiva Temple which has been renovated recently.

You can observe the panoramic view of Belgaum/Belagavi city from the Yellur fort, in the evening times, the view looks even more beautiful.

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