Due to the daily spike in the Corona virus-infected patients in the Belagavi district, there is appearing a shortage of oxygen supply in the Belagavi hospitals which is really an alarming situation for the patients.

Rapid growth in the number of corona virus infected patients in the Belagavi has caused major shortage of Oxygen in the hospitals of Belagavi, now the situation is like the private hospitals which are investing in this are charging heavily from their patients.

Let’s look how oxygen is needed for the corona virus infected patient, a patient with severe breathing problem needs approx 7,000 liters of oxygen every day. And the patients oin the hospitals are rising at a very rapid rate, when you look at the numbers there are more than 3500 active corona infected people in the district. The oxygen supply in the district is now bothering the officials which is mostly dependent on other districts and nearby states.

Oxygen shortage in the Belagavi hospitals  for corona virus patients

In spite of being one of the oldest industrial centers in the district, there are no oxygen generating units available. Belgaum has long relied on Maharashtra for oxygen. Oxygen is now being imported from Bellary, Koppal and Dharwad districts along with Maharashtra. Also, oxygen gas supplied to the industries of the district is almost entirely utilized for medical purposes.

Here are a few important statements made by the noticeable people from the region:

 “The district is currently getting enough oxygen to meet the demand. A further 300 ventilator bed is being prepared in the District. However,if there are problems then attention is paid.” M.G. Hiremath, Collector, Belgaum.

“There is no oxygen system in Khanapur Taluk Hospital. In case of emergency, patients who do not have access to the District Hospital have to pay millions of rupees depending on private hospitals To lose.” Mahantesh Rawutha, Social Worker, Nandagada.

There is no oxygen system in the Kagawada taluk and private hospitals. The district and the government must pay immediate attention before more people are killed.”
– Abhayakumara Akkiwatte, Advocate, Kagawada.

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