AK 47 Bullet confiscated at the Belagavi Airport on the evening of the 12th of September.

During the security check of the luggage one round of AK 47 bullet and one fired bullet shell of Insas rifle was found from the luggage of a passenger at the Belagavi airport. He was caught during the screening of his registered baggage by AIRINDIA/AITSL X-BIS Screener, Airline Security at Belagavi Airport by the authorities

The passenger who was caught with these bullets is a Serving Army personnel from the Belagavi district. And he was traveling from Belagavi to BLR by Alliance Air 9I 514.

Looking into the seriousness of the matter Duty in charge, KSISF in coordination with APSU,KSISF ( Airport State police ) handed him over to Marihal Local police Station.

Observing the matter Rajesh Kumar Maurya, Airport Director,Belagavi Airport appreciated the vigilant X-BIS Screener ,Security in Charge of Air India/AITSL , Sh Irrapa wali, APSU,KSISF & Duty in charge,KSISF.

This shows the proactiveness of the Belagavi airport authority regarding such serious activities, which could cause the public danger if avoided.

As of now the matter is handed over to the respective police station and further required measures are being carried out.

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