Heavy rainfall has been a big problem for the farmers of the country because it destroys the major seasonal crops in the fields. Usually, it rains moderately in Belagavi in the month of September, but this time heavy rainfall destroyed over 96,000 hectares of crop.

Since the usual rainfall is low in Belagavi, farmers in many instances prefer to grow some short-term crops in fields like peanuts, soy, and nam but this year due to heavy rainfall in Belagavi, all these crop are destroyed and all the hard work of the many days of farmers went futile this time.

Crops include maize, cotton, sugarcane, soybean, and paddy have been damaged by the rains in the last month. Some have been damaged by flooding, while others have been ravaged by rain. Estimated 96,000 hectares of the sown crops this year are destroyed now.

Soyabean crop destroyed because of heavy rainfall in Belagavi

The soybean is mostly grown in Belagavi and Bylahongala. The crops were muddy, as most of the fields were muddy because of heavy rain which brought an unexpected shock to farmers.

The annual crops are also damaged due to heavy rainfall,  according to the Department of Agriculture estimates of 16,000 hectares of the crop, maize crop of 10 thousand hectares, the cotton crop of three thousand hectares, paddy of 3600 hectares, and sugar cane area of ​​24 thousand hectares are ruined. For the better estimation of the loss the Department of Agriculture, Revenue and Horticulture has jointly launched a virtual survey, officials added that the survey will provide correct information about the loss of farmers.

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