Belagavi: Restart the temporarily closed out patient department (OPD) in the district hospital, Belagavi so that the poor patients get the health service pressurized team ‘Facebook circle’ under the leadership of social worker Surendra Angolkar.
In the memorandum submitted to DC, social workers said ‘Since only COVID-19 patients are being treated in the district hospital, the OPD has been closed temporarily for other patients from past several months. The poor patients are facing lot of hardship and problems as they are not getting proper treatment. Although treatment is needed, they are unable to get admitted in the private hospital for treatment as their financial condition is not good. Many have died due to not getting timely treatment. It is very essential to give treatment to the poor people in the district hospital which has restricted entry to only COVID19 patients.
Therefore, the OPD should be restarted for the all patients and measures should be taken for the quality treatment in the hospital they urged in the memorandum. Social worker Santosh Darekar, Jayant TB, Rohan Patil, Namdev More, Deepak and others were present on this occasion.
Caption: social workers submitting a memorandum to DC.

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