Belagavi: The Shahapur police of Belagavi have arrested six persons who allegedly stabbed and killed a person with a sharp weapons making injuries to head and face in the open area near Kulkarni Galli, Old Belagavi.
Following the complaint registered by the Subhash Masanu Garani, brother of murdered Jaipal, the police personnel from Shahpur police station had started investigation of the case. This time, under the guidance of the Commissioner of Police and Deputy commissioner(L&O) a special team was formed to investigate the case. Accordingly, the special team broke the case in just 24 hours. The police team continues to investigate the murder case after arresting six accused persons of murder. The team worked hard to locate the accused within a few hours and resolve the panic and fear created in the public. Deputy Commissioner of Police has appreciated the work and announced reward to the team.
Name of the accused are
1) Jyotila Sivai Dodamani, Age: 24
2) Akshay Krishna Kolakar, Age: 24
3) Prashant Yallappa Kallimani, Age 30
4) Pratap Basavant Garani, Age: 28
5) Rohit Rajendra Dodamani, Age: 23
6) Shivaraj Nagesh Dodamani, Age: 21

Detail of the police team
Raghavendra Hawaldar, PI, Shahpur PS. Manjunath Nayak, PSI (L & O), Uday Patil, ASI, RI Sanadi, ASI, Shyamasundar, Doddanaikar, N Turamandi, AV Neelappanavar, IA Badiger, SA Somapur, SM Kambali, HV Vibhuti, MA Akai, MM Nadaf has succeeded in breaking the murder case.
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