Belagavi: The third phase trials of the COVAXIN medicine to prevent the COVID19 has reached in its final stage. A total of 780 people have been given the vaccination in Belagavi and none of them has experienced any side effects. The final examination will be completed in the next four days and the vaccine will be ready and available in the market in mid-January.
The trials of the COVAXIN medicine of the Bharat Biotech is being conducted in the 12 locations in the country including at Jeevan Rekha hospital in Belagavi. The medicine was vaccinated to five in the first phase, 50 in the second phase and 780 people in the third phase in Belagavi. The third phase trials are being conducted from the past 11 days and are expected to be completed in the next four days. Every day about 80 people were vaccinated for the trials. Till now, none of the people who vaccinated has reported any side effects in their health. With these results, doctors are confident that this medicine will be successful in preventing the COVID19 infection.
In the beginning, the trials of the vaccinations were held in the 12 locations of the country but now the locations have been increased and the testing is being conducted at 25 places of the country. Bharat biotech has aimed to conduct the trials on 350 people in the first phase, 750 people in the second phase and 25,000 people in the third and final phase across the country. The none of the volunteers who have undergone the trial have reported any side effect by the medicine said Dr Amit Bhate, Head, Jeevan Rekha hospital, Belagavi.
Vaccination in January last week
The health department has all prepared to give vaccination to the CORONA warriors by December last week. 16,000 Corona warriors will be given the vaccination in Belagavi district. This, once the third phase will be completed, vaccination will pick the momentum.

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