Belagavi: South Western Railway, Hubballi Division has loaded 2594 tonnes of sugar from Badami to two destinations, Azara in Assam (2892 Km) and Rangapani in West Bengal (2473 Km).

Badami station was not hitherto opened for handling freight traffic. Now it has been opened for handling bagged consignments by utilizing the underutilized platform area at Badami station. It has helped the Sugar Industries to market their product from Karnataka to other parts of the country. The freight transportation from Badami to Azara and Rangapani has helped the railways in earning a revenue of Rs 75 lakhs. However, the cost of transportation by Railways is very cheap and economical as compared to other modes of transport.

Ajay Kumar Singh, General Manager, SWR said that with sustained marketing efforts of Business Development Unit, under the guidance of Divisional Railway Manager Arvind Malkhede, the Division could able to capture Sugar traffic successfully from Badami station. This has mutually benefitted both customers and Railways.

He advised the rail users especially the farmers and merchants handling transportation of agricultural produce and other essential commodities to utilise railways for easy and hassle-free transportation of their goods. The railway is the fastest, safest and cheapest mode of transport, he said.

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