Belagavi: It is said many times that there is no value for relations in politics. The brothers who played and grown together become opponents, the in-laws fight together. Such an incident has occurred at the Sultanpur village in Hukkeri taluk, Belagavi district during Gram Panchayat elections. The newly Gram Panchayat member has been murdered.

The panel of Basheer Mulla has won ten seats in Sultanpur village this Gram Panchayat election while a panel of Shabbeer Mulla who had won previous GP elections has defeated and lost the election deposits. Unable to digest the loss, family members of Shabbeer Mulla went on to quarrel with the family of Basheer Mulla who was celebrating the victory. The verbal clash turned into violence as the Shabbeer Mulla and family attacked using rod, stick and knife on Basheer’s family.

Shanur Mulla, brother of winning candidate Basheer Mulla was murdered in the attack. The panel of Shabbeer Mulla was winning the GP elections from the past ten years in Sultanpur. But, was not doing any development works after winning the elections. This, the voters gave a chance to the panel of Basheer Mulla by electing all ten members of his panel.

It is also said the people of the village were doing betting that who’s panel will elect this time. After winning the elections, Team of Basheer Mulla had gone to the neighbouring Bassapur village to thank voters and distribute sweet. But, the family members of Shabbeer started creating nuisance in the village. Shanur tried to convince the Shabbeer and his family but the angered Shabbeer and supporters attacked him with sharp sword and rod and killed him.

In connection with this, Police personnel from Hukkeri police station has arrested six persons Jahangir Mulla, Sultansab Mulla, Hasansab Mulla, Dastgeer Mulla, to us if Mulla and Mosinsab Khaji and started further investigation.

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