Belagavi: The subway at Londa is likely to enter in ‘Limca Book of Records’ for its completion in a record period of 90 days.
Ajay Kumar Singh, General Manager/South Western Railway conducted a trailing window inspection from Hubballi to Londa. He inspected the progress of doubling and electrification work between Hubballi and Londa. He was accompanied by Vipul Kumar, Principal Chief Engineer, HS Verma, Principal Chief Operations Manager, Arvind Malkhede, Divisional Railway Manager of Hubballi Division, MAV Ramanujam, Principal Chief Safety Officer, P Ravi Kumar, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer, PV Rajasekhar, Principal Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer, other PHODs and officers were present.

At Londa, he has inspected recently constructed limited height subway at Londa yard. This subway was constructed in just 90 days (right from the day of deciding that the limited Height Subway be constructed). On 29th September 2020, during the inspection of Londa yard, public of Gandhi Nagar represented to General Manager South Western Railway that they lacked road connection to main Londa town and have to take a detour of 3 Km to go to nearby level crossing gate to cross Railway track and Londa yard. Singh instructed concerned officials to take up work of construction of limited height subway at this location as that is the most cost-effective expeditiously and quick solution to the problem being faced by 250 odd families.

Taking up the challenge, Hubballi Railway Division has completed the construction work within a record time of 90 days. RUB underneath 5 running lines constructed in a record period of 90 days at Londa Railway Junction on Hubballi division. The cost of this subway is Rs 6.12 Crores. The activities completed in 90 days covers- work from the preparation of GAD/TAD, approvals, estimate preparation, processing for sanctions, and casting of 25 RCC boxes and inserting these boxes, traffic block stretching over 36 Hours, construction of wing-walls, approach roads, closure of LC by district authorities. Normally construction of any such subway takes minimum 18-24 months.

For quickest possible completion, this subway is likely to enter in Limca book of records. Residents of Gandhi Nagar thanked South Western Railway headed by General Manager, South Western Railway profusely. They have expressed happiness as their nearly 70-year-old requirement to have a grade separator is finally met and educational, agricultural and medical needs of residents of this area can be met. Tree plantation has been done by railway officials by the side of limited height subway.

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