Belagavi: One might have seen ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ a Hindi film in which Bajarangi daringly entered into Pakistan border to reach ‘Munni’ to her home by facing many odds. Belagavi has a similar story and personality like Bajarangi Bhaijan reached Nepali man from Kakati village of Belagavi to a Nepal. This Nepali person cannot speak and was found in Kakati village recently.

A similar story like this popular Hindi film happened in the border district of Belagavi, where a young man, a neighbour of Nepal, was carried to his country from India by the youth of Belagavi. Salman Khan’s popular film has narrated the story on what all hardships, difficulties he faced to reach ‘Munni’ a dumb girl her home in Pakistan as she was mistakenly reached India. When one read this story of Belagavi, they can say it is the sequel of Bajarangi Bhaijan movie.

The name of the person seen in this photo is not known. But, he is a citizen of Nepal. It is still a mystery that how he came to Karnataka. Because this person cannot talk and is illiterate. This 32-year-old Nepali was found lying unconscious near ‘Barde Sabha’ on the outskirts of Belagavi on December 31, 2020, at 2 pm. He was tired of walking and fallen unconscious by hunger and thirst. Then Vinayak Kesarkar, a youth of Kakati came to rescue him. He tried to speak with him but as he was dumb, his efforts have not yielded any results. Then he took him on his bike at his home. He cleaned him by bathing, fed him food and given primary treatment by a doctor and allowed him to rest for some time. Later, Vinayak has shown several photos of Nepal such as temples, religious places. The youths responded to those pictures and made signs that he knows all those places. With this, Vinayak concluded that he is a Nepali, he has to be sent to his home, whatever the difficulties are.

Vinayak Kesarkar was having a Nepali friend called ‘Ashis’ who work in New Delhi. He made a phone call to him and told him that he is sending a Nepali person from Belagavi. He asked him to to do a favour to reach this Nepali citizen at Nepal’s borders or else make extra efforts reach him to his home is possible. Vinayak sent this Nepali person to Delhi by Nizamuddin express train on January 1. The man reached Delhi two days later, on 3 January, where Ashis received him and then taken him to Nepal border and handed over to Nepali police to reach him to his home.

Vinayak Kesarak has expressed happy for reaching Nepali citizens to his country by facing many odds. The man was dumb, illiterate and cannot speak but had reached Bengaluru and he walked to Belagavi from Bengaluru by walk. Vinayak is satisfied that he has finally delivered the man to his country. Now, People have started calling Vinayak as ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ of Belagavi for successfully the innocent man to his country.

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