R*amesh Jarkiholi seen wearing Muslim cap but not RSS cap*
Belagavi: KPCC working president Satish Jarkiholi has given a fitting reply to his elder brother District In-charge minister Ramesh Jarkiholi who has recently stated that his family originally from Janasangha and has roots in RSS. ‘There is no relation of RSS with my family at all, Ramesh Jarkiholi is wearing ‘Muslim Topi’ but not the ‘RSS Topi’ he showed with the picture.

Speaking at the press conference here in Congress Bhavan in Belagavi on Friday, KPCC working president Satish Jarkiholi said ‘Ramesh has made a false statement recently saying that ‘Our family has roots with Janasangha and used to wear RSS caps. I could not get why Ramesh made this false statement, there is no connection of RSS with my family and we never wore the RSS caps.

He further said that let Ramesh Jarkiholi continue in the BJP and enjoy the power of seat. But I suggest him to not lie and leave his base principles.

He has worn the Muslim cap when he was in Congress. My family has done a lot of works, donations help to the poor families, Dalits, Muslims and needy people. Thus, I warn him to not forget that in his life.

‘I have never seen Ramesh wearing the RSS Chaddi and cap. I always saw him wearing Muslim cap said Satish Jarkiholi showing the photo in which Ramesh wearing Muslim cap.

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