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Belagavi: Belagavi a micro version of the cosmopolitan city of Karnataka is blessed with many wonderful, adventurous, eye-soothing places in its outskirts. When one thinks of visiting Belagavi, the heavy rains, waterfalls, lush greenery comes in the mind. Belagavi, Khanapur, Kittur taluks of Belagavi blessed with forests, and several bodies. The adjacent forests of Goa and Maharashtra are always fascinated with nature lovers. The Belagavi youths who keep visiting these nature places have discovered another beautiful waterfall that nestled in the forests of Goa at just 50-kilo meters distance of Belagavi. Let’s have look at this travelogue article to plan your next trip.

The delta waterfalls, Sural waterfalls, Tillari waterfalls, Swapnawel waterfalls, Gokak falls, Godachinmalki falls become common places to visit for the Belagavites. The recent add in the list in 2020 was ‘Kitwad falls’. After discovering that falls, Belagavi men have discovered another waterfall, beauty of nature that is ‘Jalona Waterfalls’. So far untouched beauty of mother earth. On seeing the falls, one would think the place might be from Malesia, Indonesia or Thailand. But the truth is it’s in our country that is too at just 50 km away. The crystal clear water that falls from some 50-meter height, the curvy rocks behind the falls, its shapes, the pond below the falls makes one fall in love with the falls.

Jalona waterfall precisely located at Mhadie wildlife sanctuary near the Sural hamlet of Goa. Although many don’t know the exact name of that waterfall and call it as Sural waterfall itself.

One can reach this place from Belagavi by driving about 50km via Chorla. After reaching Sural village, one must do trekking of 9 kilometres reach the viewpoint. Before, I tell you how to explore the place and enjoy the journey there are few pro-tips where you should keep in mind. I repeat please don’t skip the tips.

TIPs #1 Equip yourself with good grip shoes, first aid kit, painkiller tablets, glucose drink, and enough water to keep you hydrated and a thick strong stick to carry your load.
#2 don’t rush to the viewpoint while trekking downhill and take rest at regular intervals.
#3 Don’t swim at the waterfall till you are exhausted, you need to keep 70% of your energy to trek uphill back to your vehicles.
#4 Carry healthy foods, fruits, glucose full of candy and the very important avoid junk food.
#5 always keep your confidence level high.

Fast forward direct to the sural village, you see a well and a nice space around it where you can park your vehicles, from there you walk straight to the check post where you pay the fees to the forest department to enter the forest and they cost around Rs 200 per head. A department guy will come along with you to direct you to the viewpoint, a pathway of 9km and there! finally, you are reached… the amazing, eye-pleasing waterfall. The water falling from such a great height neglecting the theories of gravity and time, falling in literally slow motion. Well, this is not the end the real journey starts when you are coming back. You will wonder that is this the same path that you had walked while going down, you should start climbing at a steady pace taking rest at regular intervals and hydrating yourself. Reach the return point before the sundown safely. I hope this journey will be a good memory for life in the baskets of your tours.

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