FREE Cloud Credits to Startups

Belagavi based cloud service provider Outofbox Cloud has launched a new program to support startups in India. The Outofbox Takeoff program is aimed at helping startups get started on cloud services by providing low-cost, easy-to-use infrastructure needed to scale and grow any size business.

The Takeoff program offers Rs. 1,00,000/- INR worth of Outofbox Cloud Credits, which can be used to spin up a VM, create a firewall, build a virtual private cloud, or anything on the Outofbox cloud platform. Startups will not be billed until they cross the Rs. 1,00,000/- amount worth of billing.

To be eligible for the Takeoff program, startups must have a registered Outofbox account with a business/company email, must not have been an existing Outofbox Cloud customer, must have a company website and email address associated with the company website, and must be a startup India certified startup.

Speaking about the program, Ajit Patil, Founder of Outofbox Cloud, said, “We understand how expensive it can get to host your first app on the internet for the world to see it, it gets expensive very quickly when one thinks of scaling the app up, hence we decided to keep this journey not only simple but an inexpensive one too.”

Startups can enroll in the program by registering for an account using their business domain mail ID at and sending an email to [email protected] attaching the DPIIT certificate from the registered mail ID. After evaluation, the Outofbox cloud team will revert back with the program activation confirmation.

The Outofbox Takeoff program aims to support startups and help them focus on building great things instead of worrying about cloud infrastructure. With this program, Outofbox Cloud hopes to contribute to the growth and development of the startup ecosystem in India.


Belagavi OFC Cutting Case: Two Accused Finally Convicted After 7-Year Legal Battle

Live CCTV footage, L-R Shankar Gaur, FAAST CEO Ajit Patil, Shankar Gaur, Santosh Astekar

After a long and arduous legal battle, the two accused in the infamous OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) cutting case in Belgaum have finally been convicted and ordered to serve imprisonment. The case, which was first reported in 2017, involved the illegal cutting of OFC cables belonging to FAAST Broadband by the two accused.

According to reports, the accused (Santosh Ashtekar and Shankar Gaur) were caught red-handed by the CEO himself while cutting the cables, and were immediately taken into custody by the police. However, it was not until seven years later that the case finally came to a conclusion, with the accused being found guilty of their crimes.

The case was closely followed by the CEO of FAAST Broadband, Mr. Ajit Patil, who had filed the original complaint against the accused back in 2016. Mr. Patil had been tirelessly pursuing the case for the past six years, working closely with law enforcement officials, legal experts and attending the hearings himself to ensure that justice was served.

In a statement released to the press, Mr. Patil expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the case, stating that it was a victory not just for FAAST Broadband, but for all companies and individuals who rely on OFC cables for their business and personal needs.

“This case sends a strong message to anyone who thinks they can get away with cutting OFC cables illegally,” said Mr. Patil. “We will not stand idly by and watch as our infrastructure is damaged and our customers are left without service. We will continue to work closely with law enforcement officials to ensure that those who break the law are held accountable for their actions.”

The conviction of the two accused in this case is a testament to the power of perseverance and determination in the face of adversity. It is also a reminder of the importance of upholding the rule of law and protecting the rights of individuals and businesses alike.

Link to the original Allaboutbelgaum article.

Link to the original allaboutbelgaum article published in the year 2017.

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