The subway of Londa likely to enter Limca Book of Records

Belagavi: The subway at Londa is likely to enter in ‘Limca Book of Records’ for its completion in a record period of 90 days.
Ajay Kumar Singh, General Manager/South Western Railway conducted a trailing window inspection from Hubballi to Londa. He inspected the progress of doubling and electrification work between Hubballi and Londa. He was accompanied by Vipul Kumar, Principal Chief Engineer, HS Verma, Principal Chief Operations Manager, Arvind Malkhede, Divisional Railway Manager of Hubballi Division, MAV Ramanujam, Principal Chief Safety Officer, P Ravi Kumar, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer, PV Rajasekhar, Principal Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer, other PHODs and officers were present.

At Londa, he has inspected recently constructed limited height subway at Londa yard. This subway was constructed in just 90 days (right from the day of deciding that the limited Height Subway be constructed). On 29th September 2020, during the inspection of Londa yard, public of Gandhi Nagar represented to General Manager South Western Railway that they lacked road connection to main Londa town and have to take a detour of 3 Km to go to nearby level crossing gate to cross Railway track and Londa yard. Singh instructed concerned officials to take up work of construction of limited height subway at this location as that is the most cost-effective expeditiously and quick solution to the problem being faced by 250 odd families.

Taking up the challenge, Hubballi Railway Division has completed the construction work within a record time of 90 days. RUB underneath 5 running lines constructed in a record period of 90 days at Londa Railway Junction on Hubballi division. The cost of this subway is Rs 6.12 Crores. The activities completed in 90 days covers- work from the preparation of GAD/TAD, approvals, estimate preparation, processing for sanctions, and casting of 25 RCC boxes and inserting these boxes, traffic block stretching over 36 Hours, construction of wing-walls, approach roads, closure of LC by district authorities. Normally construction of any such subway takes minimum 18-24 months.

For quickest possible completion, this subway is likely to enter in Limca book of records. Residents of Gandhi Nagar thanked South Western Railway headed by General Manager, South Western Railway profusely. They have expressed happiness as their nearly 70-year-old requirement to have a grade separator is finally met and educational, agricultural and medical needs of residents of this area can be met. Tree plantation has been done by railway officials by the side of limited height subway.



Belagavi: Railway museum, Hubballi was virtually dedicated to the nation by Pralhad Joshi, Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Coal & Mines and Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of Railways, Commerce and Industry, through video link on 9th August 2020. Since then, this museum captured imagination of thousands of visitors. There has been a consistent rise in visitors to the Museum from its inception in August 2020.
From a meager 2,683 visitors that came to the museum in August 20 (in 20 days), the numbers have consistently increased to 6,628 visitors in November 20. Till November, about 24,357 people have visited the museum out of which around 5000 were children. 13,783 people took the toy train ride which has been the favorite of the children visiting the museum.
On an average 140-150 people visit the Museum during working days and on weekends the numbers jump to 400 per day. In the month of Aug out of 2,683 people who visited the museum 1,373 took the Toy train ride, in Sept out of 7198 people, 4223 took the train ride, in Oct out of 7848 people, 4159 took the train ride. In the month of Nov. 6,628 people visited the museum and 4,028 to the toy train ride.
The museum beckons visitors to explore the journey with an attractive entrance as well as restored and illuminated locomotives, coach and wagon along with other rare and interesting exhibits. What makes the museum distinct is that it is the first of its kind, Museum in North Karnataka.
Some of the highlights of museum are 1) A Narrow gauge coach that illustrates “Unity in Diversity” with life size mannequins of partners from various parts of India 2) Two 113 year old cottages – Malaprabha, Ghataprabha, renovated to house indoor artifacts 3) Toy train 4) Platform housing theatre coach
For convenience of visitors “Suruchi ” cafeteria provides range of regional delicacies.
The Museum is open from 12.00 noon to 7.00 pm from Tuesdays to Fridays and on weekends Museum will function from 12.00 noon to 8.00 pm. The museum is closed every Monday. Museum will also remain closed on Public Holidays.
Ticket charge for adults (aged above 12 yrs) is fixed at Rs.20/- and for children (aged 5 to 12) is Rs.20/-. Entry for children below 5 yrs is free.
In the wake of Covid Pandemic, visitors to the museum shall observe COVID appropriate behavior. Visitors shall positively wear face mask throughout the visit and maintain social distancing. The visitors are requested to sanitise their hands frequently using sanitizer dispenser provides at the entrance and other prominent locations. Due to the present situation the theatre coach has been kept closed till such time of complete relaxation is announced for lock down.
Railways since the time of inception in 1853 have shaped and unified our Nation, rightly earning the sobriquet of “Life line of Nation”, bridging distances and connecting people. The evolution of Railways from steam era to modern bullet train era is a journey that is presented in interesting way in museum. Heritage Railway Museum, Hubballi, beckons the public to take a tour of the museum and enjoy the visual treat of Railway Heritage items.
Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR said that it’s heartening to note that Railway museum, Hubballi is witnessing very good footfall and has turned out to be one of the most see tourist places in Hubballi – Dharwad twin cities. Located strategically on Gadag road enroute to Hosapete – World Heritage site with historical monuments, Railway museum, Hubballi is set to become even more popular once schools re-open. He said that each room and each section in the museum weaves a captivating story to educate, chronicles a tale to enchant and kindles passion for rich glorious heritage.
Efforts have been made, to provide variety of experience in rail museum, beyond mere passive display of objects, to appeal general public specially students & children and to connect them with railway heritage and the journey of Railways.