Rani Chennamma University (RCU) allotted with 82 acres of land at Hirebagewadi village by the state government.

The 82 acres of land has been allotted to the RCU, but the initial demand by the Rani Chennamma university was of 126.07 acres in the Hirebagewadi village and the nearby village Palagimarady. The recent allotment of the land to the RCU by the cabinet of the state government is of 82 acres of government’s land in the Hirebagewadi village.

Since the demand by RCU is not fulfilled by the state government of the allocation of 126.07 acres of land, the matter is still rolling and the final decision is yet to come.

Observing all this activity Ramachandra Gowda, RCU Chancellor made a statement – “There have been reports of land grants to Channamma Vidyalaya. When the official order comes over, the information will be known.”

The 82 acres Hirebagewadi land grant to RCU happened about a week ago when the Revenue Minister signed and approved the file. Following this, Bharatiya Janata Party activists celebrated the decision but the fact of the matter is the reason behind not granting complete land to RCU is that in the same area there is a huge irrigation project proposed and sanctioned by the state cabinet.

So, it is a matter of time when the state government reaches the decision of granting the total how much acres of land to the RCU, and the college authority is waiting for the final call. The final decision is yet to be made.

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