Winning panel member in GP election murdered by defeated panel in Sultanpur

Belagavi: It is said many times that there is no value for relations in politics. The brothers who played and grown together become opponents, the in-laws fight together. Such an incident has occurred at the Sultanpur village in Hukkeri taluk, Belagavi district during Gram Panchayat elections. The newly Gram Panchayat member has been murdered.

The panel of Basheer Mulla has won ten seats in Sultanpur village this Gram Panchayat election while a panel of Shabbeer Mulla who had won previous GP elections has defeated and lost the election deposits. Unable to digest the loss, family members of Shabbeer Mulla went on to quarrel with the family of Basheer Mulla who was celebrating the victory. The verbal clash turned into violence as the Shabbeer Mulla and family attacked using rod, stick and knife on Basheer’s family.

Shanur Mulla, brother of winning candidate Basheer Mulla was murdered in the attack. The panel of Shabbeer Mulla was winning the GP elections from the past ten years in Sultanpur. But, was not doing any development works after winning the elections. This, the voters gave a chance to the panel of Basheer Mulla by electing all ten members of his panel.

It is also said the people of the village were doing betting that who’s panel will elect this time. After winning the elections, Team of Basheer Mulla had gone to the neighbouring Bassapur village to thank voters and distribute sweet. But, the family members of Shabbeer started creating nuisance in the village. Shanur tried to convince the Shabbeer and his family but the angered Shabbeer and supporters attacked him with sharp sword and rod and killed him.

In connection with this, Police personnel from Hukkeri police station has arrested six persons Jahangir Mulla, Sultansab Mulla, Hasansab Mulla, Dastgeer Mulla, to us if Mulla and Mosinsab Khaji and started further investigation.


Belagavi to get Regional Food laboratory soon

Belagavi: Belagavi- the second capital of the state will get a regional food laboratory soon. The commissioner of the health department has issued an order for setting up a laboratory where the adulteration of the food is tested.

Belagavi has already housed the regional commissioner’s office and is having many other regional and divisional offices of a various government department. Now another important office of the health department is expected to be opened in Belagavi. It is part of an initiative of shifting the state-level government offices to North Karnataka.

The regional food laboratory presently situated at Gulbarga and now will be relocated to Belagavi. The old building of the food laboratory is being removed and the new building for the Jaidev Haidros Science and research centre is being constructed.

Belagavi is already having the district level food laboratory where the samples of food sent from the taluk offices are tested. In a bid to expand its limits and advance the food testing, the health department has proposed to set up the regional level food laboratory in Belagavi. This proposal was pending from a long time in the files, however, it is being considered now by the health department as the present commissioner of the health and family welfare department has taken a special interest in it and issued an order.

Once the regional food laboratory set up in Belagavi, the food samples sent from the seven districts of North Karnataka will be tested here. This will also ensure speedy testing of the food samples and will bring advancement in the testing. Ultimately help in controlling food adulteration and action against those who engaged in it.


Belagavi boy Abhishek Navale set new Guinness world record inline skating

Belagavi: Belagavi based budding skater Abhishek Navale has set a new record in the 100 meters fastest inline skating. His new achievement is now registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. He set a new world record by completing 100-meter inline skating in a time-lapse of just 12.97 seconds on November 18. With this new timings, he broke the previous record of 13.25 seconds recorded by David Salisbury of Australia and earned laurels to the country and home town Belagavi.

Abhishek is practising skating from the past 14 years in Belagavi. He has set already earned many accolades by making several achievements in the field of skating. He has set a world record in International skating event that held at Portugal, Two times world record in ‘Limca Book of Records. He has been conferred by Karnataka state award 2014 for achievement in skating and many more prizes.

He grabbed the attention of the sports enthusiasts across the country by completing 540-kilometre skating rally from Bengaluru to Belagavi, 2000 kilometre skating rally from Belagavi to Delhi. He has been trained and guided by the coach Suryakant Hindalagekar, President of Belagavi roller skating academy Umesh Kalaghatagi and getting continues support from his family.

In the recently held programme at KLE’s skating rink, Abhishek has been felicitated by Vijaykumar Patil, Pravin Hiremath, Vijaya Hiremath, Sainekar, BS Bidnal, Anita, Gym coach Abhishek Jadhav, Dr Halagi, Yogesh Kulkarni and Coach Suryakant Hindalgekar.


A Glass observation deck cum bridge to come up at Gokak falls

Belagavi: One would have seen the viral video of China in which a tourists walking on a glass made bridge in a big valley and thrilling to walk on it. Now the people of Karnataka too can have similar thrill of walking on glass bridge and seeing the valley at Gokak falls beneath their legs and enjoy watching the Gokak falls more closely. In a bid to attract the tourists in large number towards Gokak falls which also known as Niagara of Karnataka, the minister for water resources, Gokak MLA Ramesh Jarkiholi has envisaged various development plans.

Inspired by the glass bridge in China, a similar bridge is being constructed at Rajgir in Bihar’s Nalanda district. Now the district in-charge minister, Ramesh Jarkiholi is planning to construct a similar bridge at just 20 meters away from the Gokak Falls. Apart from this, he has also planned to take up development works in next years at Godachinmalki and Hidkal dam area to attract more tourists in this region.

Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi said that ‘The water resources department is supposed to take up the various works including a ‘Glass bridge and observation deck’ near the Gokak falls in the cost of Rs 350 crore. This work has delayed due to the COVID19 situation in the country. We have chalked out a plan for the systematic development at Gokak town and falls to make it an international tourist destination in the next three years.

He also informed that a place will be developed at the bank of the Ghataprabha river similar to the place at Haridwar which will allow the religious tourists to offer pooja. The plan also aimed to create water sports, boating and other adventurous activities to the tourists. Hidkal Dam, Gokak Falls and Godachinmalki falls are quite nearby and all the three would now be a ‘tourist hub’ as per the plan.


The 816th Anniversary of ancient Kamal Basadi celebrated in Belagavi

Belagavi: December 25th marked the 816th anniversary of the consecration of the Kamal Basadi, a Jain temple built by Bichiraja, a minister in the court of Kartavirya IV of the Ratta dynasty in 1204 CE. The temple is managed by the Shree Shree 1008 Neminath Tirthankar Digambar Jain Mandir (Kamal Basadi) Pooja Committee and comes under the purview of the Archaeological Survey of India.

With the initiation of Rajeev Doddanavar and Vinod Doddanavar of Bharatesh Education Trust, a special post cover was released on 23rd December, coinciding with the 816th Anniversary of the iconic monument. A special picture postcard and a cancellation stamp were also released on the occasion.

A small function was organized at the Kamal Basadi premises on 25th December under the guidance of Vatsalya Varidhi 108 Shri Vardhman Sagar Maharaj and Sangh who are in Belagavi to observe the Chaturmas this year. Acharyashree spoke about the significance of the ancient Jain temple. Munishree Hitendra Sagarji connected the dots between the significance of Lotus, Bhagwan Neminath Tirthankar and the Namokar Mantra recited by all Jains.

The function which was hosted by Vinod Doddanavar, was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by Abhay Patil, MLA, Belagavi (South), Rajeev Doddanavar, Secretary, Bharatesh Education Trust (BET), P.P. Doddanavar, Chairman, BET, Hirachand Kalmani, Sanjay Patil, former MLA and Mahaveer Kundur from Hubli. MLA Abhay Patil committed to developing the Kamal Basadi premises.

The day was marked by pooja and discourses by the Munis, as also dedication to the public of the special post cover, cancellation stamp and picture postcard. Large number of devotees were present on the occasion.


Woman life saved by performing rare brain surgery in Belagavi

Belagavi: A 53-year-old female with complaints of sudden onset of headache, seizures, vomiting, blurred vision and multiple episodes of loss of consciousness referred to Neuro surgery department from a private hospital in Kolhapur. She was rushed in an unconscious state with oxygen support for further management at Belgaum based KLES Hospital.

Patient was examined by Dr Prakash Mahantshetti, Chief Consultant Neuro Surgeon. Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) investigation of the brain revealed rupture of aneurysm Anterior communicating artery (Acom). Rupture of the aneurysm of the brain is a complex disease of cerebral vasculature (Blood vessels wall of the brain swells like balloon and rupture leading to brain hemorrhage i.e. leak of blood). The swollen and leaking blood vessels in the brain is a serious condition that needs immediate surgical intervention in the brain.

The blood in the brain can cause increase pressure in the brain which is a life-threatening condition leading to death. It may also lead to stroke and permanent disability. Relatives were counselled the seriousness of the disease; their consent was obtained and posted for surgery. The surgical clipping is a complex surgical technique in which the balloon like swollen part is isolated by using clips without blocking off any small arteries nearby. After administering anesthesia, an opening was made in the skull (craniotomy). A small clip is placed across the base (neck) of the aneurysm to block the normal blood flow from entering.

The clip works like a tiny coil-spring clothespin, in which the blades of the clip remain tightly closed until pressure is applied to open the blades. Clips are made of titanium and remain on the artery permanently. The titanium clips remain in the brain and stop further ballooning and rupture in the brain vessels.The latest generation surgical procedures require highest precision and surgical skills. Immediately after the surgery patients recover very well opined Dr M V Jali, Medical Director of the Hospital.

Post operatively patient was managed in neurosurgical intensive care unit (NSICU), and closely monitored for bleeding, hydrocephalus, and other complications. Patient responded well, gained consciousness, following commands with no neurological deficit. Patient is fully conscious, able to walk and perform daily living activities independently. Dr Prakash S Mahantshetti and team of Neurosurgeons performed complex brain surgery and Dr Raghvendra Kalal extended anesthesia support.

Dr Prabhakar Kore, Chairman of the KLE Society congratulated the team of doctors for performing lifesaving surgery on a woman who hails from economically weaker section of the society. The surgery was performed free of cost in Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jan Arogya Yojana (MJPJAY) of Government of Maharashtra.


Belagavi to supply COVID19 vaccine to eight districts of North Karnataka

Belagavi: The district health and family welfare department officials have set up a storage facility centre for the vaccine of COVID19 in Belagavi. A facility centre equipped with walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer and other infrastructure has been prepared at the centre. The vaccine shots stored in Belagavi will be supplied to eight districts including Vijaypura, Bagalkote, Dharwad, Haveri and Koppal, Uttara Kannada, Haveri and Gadag of North Karnataka.

According to the district health official, the boxes of COVID19 vaccines will be shipped to Belagavi from Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai. Then the vaccine will be supplied to the districts of north Karnataka as per the requirement. The officials have kept ready about 180 deep freezers and Ice Line Refrigerator(ILR) to store the vaccine shots. These requirements will be made available at the Taluk hospitals and community health centres in the district.

The main storage of the vaccine will be at District Health officers office and then will be distributed to all hospitals. Apart from this, a total of 180 cold chain points will be set up for the distribution to people. It is said that the temperature of the room where the vaccine is stored has to be maintained at 2 to 8 degree Celsius. The vaccine shots will be stored in the ILR.

In the first phase, the shots of the vaccine will be given to the 28,195 health workers of the health department which include doctors, nurses at 195 government hospitals and 1521 private hospitals of the Belagavi district. In the second phase, 2.5 lakh people including Police, Asha workers, Sanitation workers, Teachers will be vaccinated. In the third phase, all the senior citizens aged above 50 years will be given priority.

The officials are expecting that the supply of the vaccine for the first phase vaccination will be made on January 15. The department has to vaccinate a total of 53 Lakh people in Belagavi district.

District Health officer Dr Shashikant Munyal said ‘There will special walk-in freeze boxes to transport the vaccine shots and special vehicle will be arranged for the transportation. The distribution will be started without delay once the vaccine is shipped to us’ he said.


Sugar transported from Badami to Assam and West Bengal

Belagavi: South Western Railway, Hubballi Division has loaded 2594 tonnes of sugar from Badami to two destinations, Azara in Assam (2892 Km) and Rangapani in West Bengal (2473 Km).

Badami station was not hitherto opened for handling freight traffic. Now it has been opened for handling bagged consignments by utilizing the underutilized platform area at Badami station. It has helped the Sugar Industries to market their product from Karnataka to other parts of the country. The freight transportation from Badami to Azara and Rangapani has helped the railways in earning a revenue of Rs 75 lakhs. However, the cost of transportation by Railways is very cheap and economical as compared to other modes of transport.

Ajay Kumar Singh, General Manager, SWR said that with sustained marketing efforts of Business Development Unit, under the guidance of Divisional Railway Manager Arvind Malkhede, the Division could able to capture Sugar traffic successfully from Badami station. This has mutually benefitted both customers and Railways.

He advised the rail users especially the farmers and merchants handling transportation of agricultural produce and other essential commodities to utilise railways for easy and hassle-free transportation of their goods. The railway is the fastest, safest and cheapest mode of transport, he said.


Belagavi district In Charge Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi appeals to be cautious for new Corona virus

Belagavi: Minister of Water Resources, District In-charge minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, has called upon the people to be more cautious in the wake of fast-spreading corona infection in Britain.

Individual social gaps must always be maintained. Must use mask and sanitizer. Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi has called upon people to be live as carefully as possible.

The Covid19 prevention vaccine is coming to market soon. The government is making arrangements to deliver the vaccine to the people regularly. until that, the people must follow the government guidelines minister Ramesh Jarkiholi has called upon.

Systematic precautions should be taken to prevent the spread of COVID infection in the markets. Customers are advised to maintain a mandatory 6-foot gap in stores. Stores should be sanitized every day. Minister has further suggested that the district authority and district health department should take necessary action against those who violate it.

School colleges will start from January 1 and safety measures should be taken in the interests of students. The Government has instructed for the commencement of Class X and second PUC classes. All the school and colleges in the district should give priority to the cleanliness of the rooms. Spraying of disinfectant should alleviate the fear of students and parents. Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi has instructed Belagavi district education department to create a team to visit each school and review the situation.


Postal department to unveil stamp with picture of ‘KamalBasti’ and ‘Watch Tower’

Belagavi: The ancient Kamalbasti that situated in the Belagavi fort and the watchtower of the public library situated in Ganapat Galli, Belagavi has got a place in the postal stamp ticket. Both the stamps will be unveiled on Wednesday in Belagavi.

The postal service was started in the 17th century in the tenure of East India company. Then the office of the Postal service was started at Mumbai and Madras in the year 1688. However, the postcards, letters only of the East India company were being delivered.

Werron Hesting who was the governor of Bengal province that time was appointed as In charge officer of the postal service of Mumbai and Bengal province. He is the officer, who opened the postal service to the general public of India in the year 1774. Post master general post was appointed for the first time. The metal tokens were started using as proof for the payment of cash for the postal service. In the early time, there were many challenges and hurdles to reach the postal service. To overcome them, all postal service were brought under one roof and one regulation in all presidencies of the country.

This movement then brought the ‘Indian postal act in the year 1837. This act was again amended in the year 1854. With this new act, the Indian postal department was given the complete powers of postal service in the country. There were no changes in this act until 2011. The ritual of giving the metal token as proof of payment was then changed into a ‘stamp’ which has a gum another side to stick on the postal card.

The postal department had printed about 2000 different stamps which imbibe the history of India, women literacy, history of the post, sports, Indian defence system etc. In a fortunate to the people of Belagavi, a museum of selected stamps has been set up at the Post office in Belagavi. This museum will also be inaugurated on Wednesday, that is today.