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Belagavi: The reservation for the elections of Belagavi city corporation and changes in the ward limits has been published. The reservation of seats on various categories was created much curiosity among the election aspirants in Belagavi city.

The government has issued fresh notification of comprehensive information, including changes in the ward areas and what the reservation of particular wards.

*Reservation Profile of 58 Wards*

1.The backward class “A” woman


3.The backward class “B” woman


5.General woman

6.Backward Class “A”

7.Backward Class “B”


9.The backward class “A” woman

10.The backward class “B” woman


12.Backward Class “A”

13.General woman

14.The Backward Class “B”

15.The backward class “A” woman


17. SC woman

18. General

19.Backward Class “A”

20.General woman

21.The backward class “A” woman



24.The Backward Class “A”

25.General woman

26.The backward class “A” woman




30.Black class “A”

31. Backward class “A” woman

32. SC

33. General Woman

34. General

35. SC woman

36. General

37. General Woman

38. Backward Class “A”

39. General

40. Backward Class “A” Woman

41. General

42. Backward Class “A”

43. General woman

44. General

45. ST woman

46. ​​General

47. General Woman

48. Backward Class “A”

49. General Woman

50. General Woman


52. General Woman

53. ST

54.General woman

55. General Woman

56. General

57. General Woman

58. General Woman

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