Belagavi: A family of four members committed suicide by sleeping on a railway track before the Nizamuddin Express train ram their bodies on Wednesday night near the railway station of Raybag Taluk in Belagavi district.

The deceased are identified as Satappa Annappa Sutar (60), wife of Mahadevi Sutar (50), sons Dattatreya Sutar (28) and Santhosh Sutar (25), all residents of the Beeradi village of Raybag taluk.

The exact cause for suicide is not yet known. But, according to sources, the harassment of the lenders are known to be the reason for the suicide and have the entire family ended their life committing suicide.

The bodies have been sent to Raybag Taluk Hospital for autopsy. Belagavi Railway Police visited the site and inquiring the case.

It can be recalled that, In a very heart melting incident, a couple of allegedly committed suicide along with their two small kids at Ramdurg town in Belagavi district last week. In a primary investigation, police found that the couple along with their kids ended their life by consuming pesticide on Monday night. The incident came to limelight when the grandmother saw the dead bodies in the house on Tuesday at 9 am. The grand sleeps at seperate place while the deceased couple and children sleep at another house.

The second such incident in just week gap has shocked the people of Belagavi. While the increasing number of suicide cases is a serious matter of worrying.

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