[All About Belgaum- February 17, 2023]

Public submits memorandum to City Corporation Commissioner regarding illegal structures on public roads

A group of concerned citizens submitted a memorandum to the City Corporation Commissioner’s office today, highlighting their grievances about illegal structures on public roads. The memorandum, signed by people, was handed over to the Commissioner’s office by a delegation of citizens.

The citizens have pointed out that illegal structures have become a common sight on public roads in many parts of the city, with some shopkeepers and vendors occupying pavements, footpaths and other public spaces for their own commercial purposes. These structures are causing inconvenience to pedestrians and motorists, and often result in traffic congestion and accidents.

Speaking to the media after submitting the memorandum, one of the citizens said that they were concerned about the safety of the public and the impact these illegal structures were having on the city’s infrastructure. They urged the Commissioner’s office to take immediate action to remove these structures and enforce the law.

The Commissioner’s office has assured the citizens that their concerns would be looked into and that appropriate action would be taken to address the issue. 

The issue of illegal structures on public roads is a serious concern and needs to be addressed with urgency. It is important for the authorities to enforce the rules and regulations regarding the use of public spaces, to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists and to maintain the city’s infrastructure. The submission of the memorandum by concerned citizens is a welcome move towards addressing this issue, and the Commissioner’s office should take all necessary steps to address this problem as soon as possible.

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