Belagavi: A 53-year-old female with complaints of sudden onset of headache, seizures, vomiting, blurred vision and multiple episodes of loss of consciousness referred to Neuro surgery department from a private hospital in Kolhapur. She was rushed in an unconscious state with oxygen support for further management at Belgaum based KLES Hospital.

Patient was examined by Dr Prakash Mahantshetti, Chief Consultant Neuro Surgeon. Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) investigation of the brain revealed rupture of aneurysm Anterior communicating artery (Acom). Rupture of the aneurysm of the brain is a complex disease of cerebral vasculature (Blood vessels wall of the brain swells like balloon and rupture leading to brain hemorrhage i.e. leak of blood). The swollen and leaking blood vessels in the brain is a serious condition that needs immediate surgical intervention in the brain.

The blood in the brain can cause increase pressure in the brain which is a life-threatening condition leading to death. It may also lead to stroke and permanent disability. Relatives were counselled the seriousness of the disease; their consent was obtained and posted for surgery. The surgical clipping is a complex surgical technique in which the balloon like swollen part is isolated by using clips without blocking off any small arteries nearby. After administering anesthesia, an opening was made in the skull (craniotomy). A small clip is placed across the base (neck) of the aneurysm to block the normal blood flow from entering.

The clip works like a tiny coil-spring clothespin, in which the blades of the clip remain tightly closed until pressure is applied to open the blades. Clips are made of titanium and remain on the artery permanently. The titanium clips remain in the brain and stop further ballooning and rupture in the brain vessels.The latest generation surgical procedures require highest precision and surgical skills. Immediately after the surgery patients recover very well opined Dr M V Jali, Medical Director of the Hospital.

Post operatively patient was managed in neurosurgical intensive care unit (NSICU), and closely monitored for bleeding, hydrocephalus, and other complications. Patient responded well, gained consciousness, following commands with no neurological deficit. Patient is fully conscious, able to walk and perform daily living activities independently. Dr Prakash S Mahantshetti and team of Neurosurgeons performed complex brain surgery and Dr Raghvendra Kalal extended anesthesia support.

Dr Prabhakar Kore, Chairman of the KLE Society congratulated the team of doctors for performing lifesaving surgery on a woman who hails from economically weaker section of the society. The surgery was performed free of cost in Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jan Arogya Yojana (MJPJAY) of Government of Maharashtra.

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