Belagavi: North Karnataka, including Belagavi, has been hit by floods. The state government must issue a white paper on how much relief fund the state has distributed, demanded KPCC spokesperson, MLA Laxmi Hebbalkar.
Addressing a news conference in the city on Friday she said that the BJP’s executive meet should not be an election gimmick. She also demanded that there should be a debate on whether the promise given to the people of Northern Karnataka has been fulfilled.
Farmers, labourers, daily wage workers, drivers, and a different section of workers have suffered a lot due to the floods in North Karnataka over the past two years. She said it was unfortunate that the state BJP government had not held the last two winter legislation sessions despite Shakti Sauda built-in Belagavi to address the burning issues in North Karnataka.
She further said that she will not object or welcome the BJP executive meeting being held in Belagavi as it is their subject. However, the BJP government is not ready to listen to the issue of the people. She accused the government of fearing to hold a winter session in Belagavi as they don’t want to address the problems.
Due to the floods and heavy rains, about 360 ‚Äč‚Äčlakes are broken and damaged. About fifteen thousand roads in the entire state have been destroyed. Many roads around Belgaum rural area have been damaged,when requested for funds, we get an unusual reply from the government. So does the government have funds to hold a BJP executive meeting in Belagavi she questioned.
Many weavers committed suicide in the state due to lockdown. The government had promised to help them to overcome the problems but it has failed in all aspects she alleged.

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