A heartbreaking incident took place in the Belagavi region on the 17th of September, 2020, a mother and son did suicide by hanging themselves at the sweet mart in the village of Halaga.

The suicide incident took place in the Hirebagewadi of Belagavi on the 17th of September. Following the tragic incident, Hirebagewadi police started investigating the matter to know the cause of the suicide. Initially, the cause of suicide was not known.

The mother, Bharti Shekhar Desai (35), and the son Prajjwal Shekhar Desai (14) used to work in a bakery in the village of Halaga for several years, the financial crisis due to lockdown which was enforced by corona caused them to run short of money, they were not even able to provide themselves a daily meal.

Our country’s financial situation is wrecked very badly due to this global pandemic of COVID -19, which is causing many low wage workers to migrate to their home town because they have lost their jobs. Many lower-class daily workers are suffering financially and it is becoming very hard for them to provide daily meals to their families.

Many such cases of suicides are being heard from all over the country after the lockdown imposed due to coronavirus, almost all of the cases of the suicide came from these type of lower-class citizens of the country who works on the daily wages. Even many corporates are firing their employees, this COVID-19 is creating national panic in some sort of way.

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