elagavi:  A group of Belagavi which had conducted a series of online workshops on art, drama, acting, writing and many more skills for the people during and post the Lockdown period has came up to host first ever Kannada stand up comedy show in Belagavi.

Rostrum Diaries came in inception in the year 2018 from the brainchild of two techies Abhishek Bendigeri and Parinita Alagudekar of Belagavi aiming to bring all the artists, storytellers and poets of Belagavi together and mark it on the big maps of the contemporary world of creativity. After the series of online poetry and story telling sessions, it has came to host Kannada stand up comedy on the occasion of Kannaday Rajyotsava.

The upcoming comedians Wadiraj, Vinayak and Dilip trio will be the featuring in the comedy show that will be held at Green Gates Cafe, Havlock road, Camp in Belagavi on November 8. There are two shows on that day one is at 12.30 pm and another at 3pm. The event is being held with COVID19 precautions and safety measures said Abhishek Bendigeri of Rostram diaries.

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