Belagavi: Four persons were found hunting a deer at Kulavalli forest in Kittur on December 27. The forest personnel had succeeded to arrest two among the four hunters on that day while two were absconding. On collecting the information of escaped offenders, forest officials under the leadership of Nagaragali range ACF CG Mirji and with the help of local policemen conducted a raid on the house of accused Mehmood Alikhan at Nehru Nagar Monday morning.

On tracking the involvement in wildlife poaching activities, the forest official of the Nagaragali forest range and Belagavi forest sub-division office raided a house of the habitual Poacher Mehamood Alikhan(50) at Nehru Nagar.

Forest personnel found deer horn, a 350 pointer Rifle, bincular, two knives, two torches, two walky-talkies, live bullets, and other materials used for hunting wilds in the house of this habitual offender. The accused Mehmood is still absconding from the day he went for hunting could not found in the house during a raid. Forest personnel are also trying to get information from another accused from Kittur.

The probationary ACF Chandrashekhar Patil, Golihalli RFO Srinath Kadolkar, Belagavi RFO Shivanand Magadum, DRFO Madhuri Dalwai and others have conducted the raid and continued the investigation.

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