Belagavi: Rajysabha member Iranna Kadadi today visited Rail Soudha, SWR Head quarters to discuss issues pertaining to Belagavi constituency with Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR and other railway officers. Arvind Malkhede, Divisional Railway Manager, Hubballi, Anil Pavithran, PCCM/SWR, H M Dinesh, CPTM/SWR, T V Bhusan, CE/CN-II/Hubballi, E Vijaya, DGM & CPRO/SWR and Arun G Patil, AGM/RVNL were present in the meeting.

MP Iranna Kadadi enquired about the progress of works of re-development works of Belagavi station and coaching depot being taken up at Belagavi.

Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR informed that the new station building at Belagavi is being constructed in 3 blocks. Slab and masonry works all the 3 floors of the both side blocks were completed and finishing works are in progress. Work in the Central block, is in progress. First Floor Slab on Central block work completed in Nov.2020, slab planned for second and third floors of Central block in Jan. 2021 and Feb 2021 respectively. It was informed that work of Coaching depot in Belagavi is targeted to be completed in April 2021.

On the status of doubling of Londa – Miraj section, it was informed that section between Raybag-Chinchili-Kudachi was targeted commissioning in March 2021. The whole section from Londa to Miraj is targeted for commissioning in 2023. Work at the following New station buildings on the section was completed at Khanapur; Desur; Idhalhonda; Ghataprabha; Chikodi Road; Chinchili. Work of new station buildings is in progress at Gunji; Sambre; Sulebhavi; Raybag; Kudachi. Station Building work will be taken up at Suldhal; Pachapur; Gokak Road; Shedbal also.

MP enquired the status of cost sharing work of Road over bridge at LC No.381 i.e Tilakawadi Gate No.03 @ Belagavi City. It was informed that work is in progress for first two lanes and targeted for completion by April, 2021. After completion of first two lanes, remaining two lanes work will be taken up. For remaining 5 ROBs in and around Belagavi, Permission for closure of Road, consent for cost sharing, sparing of funds is awaited and works will be taken up once the same are received.

MP, requested GM for resuming short distance underserved passenger trains for facilitating public travel which were cancelled in view of Covid -19 pandemic lock down w.e.f 22.03.2020. It was informed that restoration of train services is being done as per the instructions of Ministry of Railways in consultation with Ministry of Health and Home Affairs.

Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR stated that demands raised by MP will be examined and necessary action will be taken. He has assured MP that projects are being taken up expeditiously for developing infrastructure.

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