Kolhapur-Tirupati special train to be restored

Belagavi: It is decided to restore the services of Train No. 07415/07416 Tirupati – Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus Kolhapur – Tirupati Express Special as detailed below:-

Train No. 07415 Tirupati – Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus Kolhapur Express Special will depart daily from Tirupati at 21:45 hrs and arrive Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus Kolhapur at 16:45 hrs on the next day with effect commencing journey from Tirupati from 01.02.2021 to until further advice.

Enroute the train will arrive/depart Renigunta – 22:01/22:03 hrs, Cuddapah – 23:53/23:55 hrs, Yerraguntla – 00:26/00:27 hrs, Tadipatri – 01:24/01:25 hrs, Gooty – 02:08/02:09 hrs, Guntakal – 03:05/03:10 hrs, Ballari – 04:25/04:30 hrs, Toranagallu – 05:00/05:01 hrs, Hosapete – 05:30/05:35 hrs, Koppal – 06:01/06:02 hrs, Gadag – 07:12/07:14 hrs, Hubballi – 08:34/08:44 hrs, Dharwad – 10:06/10:07 hrs, Alnavar – 10:47/10:48 hrs, Londa – 11:27/11:28 hrs, Khanapur – 11:56/11:57 hrs, Belagavi – 12:21/12:26 hrs, Ghatprabha – 13:25/13:27 hrs, Raybag – 13:49/13:50 hrs, Kudachi – 14:27/14:28 hrs, Miraj – 15:05/15:20 hrs and Hatkanagale –15:44/15:45 hrs.

In the return direction Train No. 07416 Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus Kolhapur – Tirupati Express Special will depart daily from Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus Kolhapur at 11:40 hrs and arrive Tirupati at 08:00 hrs on the next day with effect commencing journey from Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus Kolhapur from 03.02.2021 to until further advice.

Enroute the train will arrive/depart Hatkanagale – 12:02/12:03 hrs, Miraj – 13:10/13:20 hrs, Kudachi – 14:29/14:31 hrs, Raybag – 14:44/14:45 hrs, Ghatprabha – 15:01/15:03 hrs, Belagavi – 15:40/15:45 hrs, Khanapur – 16:02/16:03 hrs, Londa – 16:22/16:23 hrs, Alnavar – 17:35/17:36 hrs, Dharwad – 18:34/18:36 hrs, Hubballi – 19:25/19:35 hrs, Gadag – 20:50/20:52 hrs, Koppal – 22:10/22:12 hrs, Hosapete – 22:38/22:40 hrs, Toranagallu – 23:07/23:09 hrs, Ballari – 00:43/00:45 hrs, Guntakal – 02:10/02:15 hrs, Gooty – 02:43/02:45 hrs, Tadipatri – 03:24/03:25 hrs, Yerraguntla – 04:24/04:25 hrs, Cuddapah – 05:03/05:05 hrs and Renigunta – 07:15/07:20 hrs.

The train will have a composition of 21 coaches i.e. ONE 1st AC cum AC 2 – Tier Coach, ONE AC 2 – Tier Coach, THREE AC 3 – Tier Coaches, TWELVE Second Class Sleeper Coaches, TWO General Second Class Coaches and TWO Second Class Luggage Cum Brake Vans.

It is decided to extend the services of the following festival special trains as detailed below:-

1. Train No. 02577 Darbhanga – Mysuru Weekly Festival Express Special was notified to run earlier from Darbhanga up to 26.01.2021 will be further extended up to 30.03.2021.

2. Train No. 02578 Mysuru – Darbhanga Weekly Festival Express Special was notified to run earlier from Mysuru up to 29.01.2021 will be further extended up to 02.04.2021.

3. Train No. 03251 Patliputra – Yesvantpur Weekly Festival Express Special was notified to run earlier from Patliputra up to 29.01.2021 will be further extended up to 26.03.2021.

4. Train No. 03252 Yesvantpur – Patliputra Weekly Festival Express Special was notified to run earlier from Yesvantpur up to 01.02.2021 will be further extended up to 29.03.2021 said Chief Public Relations Officer of South Western Railway, Hubballi.


Rajyasabha member Iranna Kadadi reviews the progress Belagavi railway projects

Belagavi: Rajysabha member Iranna Kadadi today visited Rail Soudha, SWR Head quarters to discuss issues pertaining to Belagavi constituency with Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR and other railway officers. Arvind Malkhede, Divisional Railway Manager, Hubballi, Anil Pavithran, PCCM/SWR, H M Dinesh, CPTM/SWR, T V Bhusan, CE/CN-II/Hubballi, E Vijaya, DGM & CPRO/SWR and Arun G Patil, AGM/RVNL were present in the meeting.

MP Iranna Kadadi enquired about the progress of works of re-development works of Belagavi station and coaching depot being taken up at Belagavi.

Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR informed that the new station building at Belagavi is being constructed in 3 blocks. Slab and masonry works all the 3 floors of the both side blocks were completed and finishing works are in progress. Work in the Central block, is in progress. First Floor Slab on Central block work completed in Nov.2020, slab planned for second and third floors of Central block in Jan. 2021 and Feb 2021 respectively. It was informed that work of Coaching depot in Belagavi is targeted to be completed in April 2021.

On the status of doubling of Londa – Miraj section, it was informed that section between Raybag-Chinchili-Kudachi was targeted commissioning in March 2021. The whole section from Londa to Miraj is targeted for commissioning in 2023. Work at the following New station buildings on the section was completed at Khanapur; Desur; Idhalhonda; Ghataprabha; Chikodi Road; Chinchili. Work of new station buildings is in progress at Gunji; Sambre; Sulebhavi; Raybag; Kudachi. Station Building work will be taken up at Suldhal; Pachapur; Gokak Road; Shedbal also.

MP enquired the status of cost sharing work of Road over bridge at LC No.381 i.e Tilakawadi Gate No.03 @ Belagavi City. It was informed that work is in progress for first two lanes and targeted for completion by April, 2021. After completion of first two lanes, remaining two lanes work will be taken up. For remaining 5 ROBs in and around Belagavi, Permission for closure of Road, consent for cost sharing, sparing of funds is awaited and works will be taken up once the same are received.

MP, requested GM for resuming short distance underserved passenger trains for facilitating public travel which were cancelled in view of Covid -19 pandemic lock down w.e.f 22.03.2020. It was informed that restoration of train services is being done as per the instructions of Ministry of Railways in consultation with Ministry of Health and Home Affairs.

Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR stated that demands raised by MP will be examined and necessary action will be taken. He has assured MP that projects are being taken up expeditiously for developing infrastructure.


The subway of Londa likely to enter Limca Book of Records

Belagavi: The subway at Londa is likely to enter in ‘Limca Book of Records’ for its completion in a record period of 90 days.
Ajay Kumar Singh, General Manager/South Western Railway conducted a trailing window inspection from Hubballi to Londa. He inspected the progress of doubling and electrification work between Hubballi and Londa. He was accompanied by Vipul Kumar, Principal Chief Engineer, HS Verma, Principal Chief Operations Manager, Arvind Malkhede, Divisional Railway Manager of Hubballi Division, MAV Ramanujam, Principal Chief Safety Officer, P Ravi Kumar, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer, PV Rajasekhar, Principal Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer, other PHODs and officers were present.

At Londa, he has inspected recently constructed limited height subway at Londa yard. This subway was constructed in just 90 days (right from the day of deciding that the limited Height Subway be constructed). On 29th September 2020, during the inspection of Londa yard, public of Gandhi Nagar represented to General Manager South Western Railway that they lacked road connection to main Londa town and have to take a detour of 3 Km to go to nearby level crossing gate to cross Railway track and Londa yard. Singh instructed concerned officials to take up work of construction of limited height subway at this location as that is the most cost-effective expeditiously and quick solution to the problem being faced by 250 odd families.

Taking up the challenge, Hubballi Railway Division has completed the construction work within a record time of 90 days. RUB underneath 5 running lines constructed in a record period of 90 days at Londa Railway Junction on Hubballi division. The cost of this subway is Rs 6.12 Crores. The activities completed in 90 days covers- work from the preparation of GAD/TAD, approvals, estimate preparation, processing for sanctions, and casting of 25 RCC boxes and inserting these boxes, traffic block stretching over 36 Hours, construction of wing-walls, approach roads, closure of LC by district authorities. Normally construction of any such subway takes minimum 18-24 months.

For quickest possible completion, this subway is likely to enter in Limca book of records. Residents of Gandhi Nagar thanked South Western Railway headed by General Manager, South Western Railway profusely. They have expressed happiness as their nearly 70-year-old requirement to have a grade separator is finally met and educational, agricultural and medical needs of residents of this area can be met. Tree plantation has been done by railway officials by the side of limited height subway.


Sugar transported from Badami to Assam and West Bengal

Belagavi: South Western Railway, Hubballi Division has loaded 2594 tonnes of sugar from Badami to two destinations, Azara in Assam (2892 Km) and Rangapani in West Bengal (2473 Km).

Badami station was not hitherto opened for handling freight traffic. Now it has been opened for handling bagged consignments by utilizing the underutilized platform area at Badami station. It has helped the Sugar Industries to market their product from Karnataka to other parts of the country. The freight transportation from Badami to Azara and Rangapani has helped the railways in earning a revenue of Rs 75 lakhs. However, the cost of transportation by Railways is very cheap and economical as compared to other modes of transport.

Ajay Kumar Singh, General Manager, SWR said that with sustained marketing efforts of Business Development Unit, under the guidance of Divisional Railway Manager Arvind Malkhede, the Division could able to capture Sugar traffic successfully from Badami station. This has mutually benefitted both customers and Railways.

He advised the rail users especially the farmers and merchants handling transportation of agricultural produce and other essential commodities to utilise railways for easy and hassle-free transportation of their goods. The railway is the fastest, safest and cheapest mode of transport, he said.


A 14 km doubling of railway line between Chikodi road-Raybag commissioned

Belagavi: Newly laid double line between Chikodi Road and Raybag stations (13.94 Km) on South Western Railway was commissioned on 16 December. This double line between Chikodi and Raybag is part of the 186 km of doubling of Londa – Miraj project sanctioned in 2015-16 for Rs1191 crore. This is the second section of this project which is being commissioned.
The Public relation officer of SWR said that ‘The doubling between Ghataprabha to Chikodi Road (16 Km) part of the same project was commissioned last year. This section between Raybag to Kuduchi is also targeted for commissioning by 2021. During the time of union minister for state railways late Suresh Angadi, this project was sanctioned and was being personally monitored by him for improving connectivity between Bengaluru to Mumbai.

AK Rai, Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS)/Southern Circle, Bengaluru conducted a statutory inspection and speed trial of newly laid double line earlier in November. The new BG doubling line is in Belagavi district of Karnataka state and now opened simultaneously for goods and passenger traffic between Chikodi Road and Raybag stations. There are 21 minor bridges, 4 roads under bridges and one canal bridge on this section. One manned level crossing with special class interlocking has been provided.

At Raibag, new station building with the upgraded amenities is being provided. Gents waiting for the all, Ladies waiting for the hall, AC waiting hall, two new platforms, one foot over bridge, circulating area etc are being developed. During this doubling work, the yard is remodelled and the number of lines is increased from three to five with one dedicated goods line with goods platform for handling goods traffic.
Chikodi station is a four road station provided with electronic interlocking with the centralized operation of points and signals from operator VDU (Dual VDU) with multiple aspect colour light signals and motor operated points. Raybag station is a five road station provided with electronic interlocking with the centralized operation of points and signals from operator VDU (Dual VDU) with multiple aspect colour light signals and motor operated points.

The work of doubling in the section was monitored by KC Swami, Chief Administrative Officer/Construction and executed by TV Bhusan, CE/CN/II/UBL, G Santhiram, CSTE/CN and officers of SWR construction organization.

Non Interlocking works for connecting Raybag and Chikodi road commenced on December 15 and was completed on December 16. Arvind Malkhede, Divisional Railway Manager, Hubballi monitored the work at the stations to ensure early commission the section. Officers and staff of Hubballi division worked continuously for successful completion of the NI at Raybag and Chikodi Road. Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR commended the work of construction team and Hubballi division and said that work of doubling of the track was a priority and SWR is increasing line capacity for better and faster connectivity over the Zone. The work of doubling in other sections between Londa and Miraj is in progress and once it is completed Bengaluru-Mumbai connectivity will be further strengthened.



Belagavi: Railway museum, Hubballi was virtually dedicated to the nation by Pralhad Joshi, Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Coal & Mines and Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of Railways, Commerce and Industry, through video link on 9th August 2020. Since then, this museum captured imagination of thousands of visitors. There has been a consistent rise in visitors to the Museum from its inception in August 2020.
From a meager 2,683 visitors that came to the museum in August 20 (in 20 days), the numbers have consistently increased to 6,628 visitors in November 20. Till November, about 24,357 people have visited the museum out of which around 5000 were children. 13,783 people took the toy train ride which has been the favorite of the children visiting the museum.
On an average 140-150 people visit the Museum during working days and on weekends the numbers jump to 400 per day. In the month of Aug out of 2,683 people who visited the museum 1,373 took the Toy train ride, in Sept out of 7198 people, 4223 took the train ride, in Oct out of 7848 people, 4159 took the train ride. In the month of Nov. 6,628 people visited the museum and 4,028 to the toy train ride.
The museum beckons visitors to explore the journey with an attractive entrance as well as restored and illuminated locomotives, coach and wagon along with other rare and interesting exhibits. What makes the museum distinct is that it is the first of its kind, Museum in North Karnataka.
Some of the highlights of museum are 1) A Narrow gauge coach that illustrates “Unity in Diversity” with life size mannequins of partners from various parts of India 2) Two 113 year old cottages – Malaprabha, Ghataprabha, renovated to house indoor artifacts 3) Toy train 4) Platform housing theatre coach
For convenience of visitors “Suruchi ” cafeteria provides range of regional delicacies.
The Museum is open from 12.00 noon to 7.00 pm from Tuesdays to Fridays and on weekends Museum will function from 12.00 noon to 8.00 pm. The museum is closed every Monday. Museum will also remain closed on Public Holidays.
Ticket charge for adults (aged above 12 yrs) is fixed at Rs.20/- and for children (aged 5 to 12) is Rs.20/-. Entry for children below 5 yrs is free.
In the wake of Covid Pandemic, visitors to the museum shall observe COVID appropriate behavior. Visitors shall positively wear face mask throughout the visit and maintain social distancing. The visitors are requested to sanitise their hands frequently using sanitizer dispenser provides at the entrance and other prominent locations. Due to the present situation the theatre coach has been kept closed till such time of complete relaxation is announced for lock down.
Railways since the time of inception in 1853 have shaped and unified our Nation, rightly earning the sobriquet of “Life line of Nation”, bridging distances and connecting people. The evolution of Railways from steam era to modern bullet train era is a journey that is presented in interesting way in museum. Heritage Railway Museum, Hubballi, beckons the public to take a tour of the museum and enjoy the visual treat of Railway Heritage items.
Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR said that it’s heartening to note that Railway museum, Hubballi is witnessing very good footfall and has turned out to be one of the most see tourist places in Hubballi – Dharwad twin cities. Located strategically on Gadag road enroute to Hosapete – World Heritage site with historical monuments, Railway museum, Hubballi is set to become even more popular once schools re-open. He said that each room and each section in the museum weaves a captivating story to educate, chronicles a tale to enchant and kindles passion for rich glorious heritage.
Efforts have been made, to provide variety of experience in rail museum, beyond mere passive display of objects, to appeal general public specially students & children and to connect them with railway heritage and the journey of Railways.


South western railway(SWR), Hubballi division transports Maize to Bangladesh

Belagavi: On two consecutive days, the South Western Railway, Hubballi division has loaded maize from Bagalkot and Vijayapura to Darshana in Bangladesh. On November 20 and 21, 4961 tonnes of Maize transported from Bagalkote, Vijayapura.
This has opened up new avenue for export of agricultural produce from this part of the region. It has helped the farmers and merchants to market their produce beyond the country border.
The freight transportation from Bagalkot and Vijayapura to Darshana in Bangladesh has helped the railways in earning a revenue of Rs. 1.52 crore respectively. However, the cost of transportation by Railways is very cheap and economical as compared to other modes of transport.
Ajay Kumar Singh, General Manager, SWR has appreciated the marketing efforts and initiative of Officers and staff of Hubballi division led by Arvind Malkhede, Divisional Railway Manager, which has mutually benefitted both customers and Railways. He advised the Rail Users especially the farmers and Merchants handling transportation of agricultural produce and other essential commodities to utilise Railways for easy and hassle-free transportation of their goods. Railway is the fastest, safest and cheapest mode of transport he added.


Tirupati – Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus Kolhapur – Tirupati Festival Express cancelled

Belagavi: Earlier, Railways had notified about running of Train No. 07415/07416 Tirupati – Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus Kolhapur – Tirupati Festival Express Special with effect from 28.10.2020 to 16.11.2020 from Tirupati and 30.10.2020 to 18.11.2020 from Kolhapur.
But due to poor occupancy, Train No. 07415/07416 Tirupati – Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus Kolhapur – Tirupati Festival Express Special service is cancelled with effect from 12.11.2020 from Tirupati and from 14.11.2020 from Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus Kolhapur said the release of office of the Divisional Railway Manager, Public Relations Branch, Hubballi.


Track doubling between Castle Rock to Vasco-da-gama will turn a game changer for Goa

Belagavi: Railway clarifies that proposed doubling of track from Castle rock to Vaso da gama in the interest of public. No new area is being taken for laying Railway line and will not have any additional impact on environment and maximum care will be taken during construction of line and said that similar infrastructure development projects being executed all over country including ecologically sensitive north eastern region. Moreover environment impact assessment study got done by Indian Institute of Science ,Bengaluru. Tree cutting requirement is very less and will be reduced further foot survey will be done for finalizing alignment quantum of coal being transported is continuously declining future will be of non-conventional energy sources and railways is committed development of Goa in environment friendly way electrification will make trains carbon neutral.
During the online press conference of South Western Railway on doubling of Railway track between Castlerock and Vascodagama, K. Mishra, Additional General Manager, South Western Railway, P.K. Kshatriya, Chief Project Manager, RVNL, S.K. Jha, Additional Divisional Railway Manager of Hubballi Division were present. E. Vijaya, Deputy General Manager and Chief Public Relations Officer gave a brief introduction of the project and how improved connectivity can benefit state of Goa. Before planning work, Environment Impact Assessment study has been got conducted by IISc, Bengaluru existing single line railway track between Castle Rock to Vasco-da-gama in the state of Goa was laid more than a century back. Ministry of Railways has sanctioned project of doubling of Railway track between Hospet (Karnataka) and Vasco-da-gama(Goa) (342 km) in the year 2010-11 at a cost of Rs.2127 crore . The project has since been nearly completed in the state of Karnataka except 10 Km between Unkal and Hubballi, which is targeted for commissioning by March 2021. About 7 km track between Madgoan- Majorda in the state of Goa has also been doubled. Remaining stretch of about 90 Km is in State of Goa ,where works are awarded for doubling and are being taken up after ensuring necessary clearances. Doubling of the said section will be a game changer for the state of Goa, taking the development to new heights, by giving impetus to trade and enabling easier and faster passenger movement. Existing rail network is constrained due to single line long ghat section severely limiting train running capacity.
While average section running time in plain section is 8 to 10 minutes, it takes 70-80 minutes to pass the critical ghat section reducing sectional capacity to 15 % of sections in plains. Moreover the ghat section is extremely landslide prone and being single line the state remains frequently cutoff during rainy season. In view of above constraints, it is imperative that double line rail connectivity be provided for improving mobility and all weather rail link in the region. The following advantages have been elaborated.  More number of passenger trains,  Better intrastate connectivity  Boost to trade and commerce among adjoining states  Increased tourist inflow  Augmenting infrastructure at intermediate stations  Relaxing bottlenecks of ghat section operation  Improving passenger amenities at stations  Remodelling yards to deal 24 coaches Construction of 5 Road Over Bridges and 3 Road Under bridges for enabling road traffic (detailed benefits listed in annexure)  On being asked about the purpose of doubling of track, it has been informed by Railway officials that the same is to strengthen connectivity to facilitate easy and faster movement of public ,in most energy efficient way.  When queried on quantity of coal that will be transported ,Shri Mishra stated that presently Emphasis is being given for usage of environment friendly sources of energy /resources for power generation.  As a result ,the use of coal is gradually reducing and share of non-conventional energy sources is gradually increasing . In the year 2015-16, SWR carried 12 Million Tonnes of coal which has reduced to 9 Million Tonnes in the year 2019-20 showing a reduction of 25% with in span of 4 years.  As doubling is being done pre dominantly in Railway land, there is no additional impact on environment. Care will be taken to ensure least disturbance during construction and alignment will be decided to avoid trees to the extent possible.  Alignment is being planned in such a way that not even a single building will be affected fully for the doubling project.  Only compound wall in very few houses (less than 12) in stretch, may be affected and Railway is trying to avoid even this. Finally it is assured by Vijaya that all stake holders will be taken into confidence, genuine concerns of public will be addressed. Execution of work will be done only by liaisioning with State officials and obtaining necessary approvals and clearances from the District Administration.


SWR increasing speed limit of trains over its jurisdiction

Belagavi: SWR is taking up works for increasing the speed in its sections by carrying out track renewal works which enable trains to run at a speed of 110 Kmph. All requirements for faster trains like increase in super-elevation at curves, correction of transition length, through tamping, attending points and crossings with track machine named UNIMAT have been completed. Recouping of Ballast to maintain cushion, recouping missing permanent way fittings are also being done to facilitate faster trains.

After completing speed trial and complying observations of Commissioner of Railway Safety, Bengaluru Division of SWR is ready to run trains up to 110 Kmph on section between Yelahanka – Chikballapur section (46.05 KMs). This section was opened in 1996 at 50 kmph and was cleared for 75 kmph in 2007. After a gap of 13 years the section is upgraded to run trains from 100 kmph to 110 Kmph.

With this work the following sections of SWR are capable of running trains at 110 Kmph.
1)Baiyappanahalli – Dharmavaram (177 Kms) 2)Penukonda – Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam- Dharmavaram (53 Kms)
3)KSR Bengaluru – Jolarpettai (Double Line) (281 Kms)
4)Yesvantpur – Tumakuru (Double Line) (128 Kms)
5)Birur – Chikjajur (68 Kms)
Recently Commissioner of Railway Safety had permitted running of trains at 110 Kmph in the following sections SWR.
6) Londa to Miraj (186 Km) 7) Sanvordem – Vasco (19 Kms)

The work of increasing speed over the zone is being taken up at the divisional level under the direction of Vipul Kumar, PCE/SWR. Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR has informed that the zone is focusing on eliminating speed restrictions to minimum to improve speed of trains.