Belagavi: SWR is taking up works for increasing the speed in its sections by carrying out track renewal works which enable trains to run at a speed of 110 Kmph. All requirements for faster trains like increase in super-elevation at curves, correction of transition length, through tamping, attending points and crossings with track machine named UNIMAT have been completed. Recouping of Ballast to maintain cushion, recouping missing permanent way fittings are also being done to facilitate faster trains.

After completing speed trial and complying observations of Commissioner of Railway Safety, Bengaluru Division of SWR is ready to run trains up to 110 Kmph on section between Yelahanka – Chikballapur section (46.05 KMs). This section was opened in 1996 at 50 kmph and was cleared for 75 kmph in 2007. After a gap of 13 years the section is upgraded to run trains from 100 kmph to 110 Kmph.

With this work the following sections of SWR are capable of running trains at 110 Kmph.
1)Baiyappanahalli – Dharmavaram (177 Kms) 2)Penukonda – Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam- Dharmavaram (53 Kms)
3)KSR Bengaluru – Jolarpettai (Double Line) (281 Kms)
4)Yesvantpur – Tumakuru (Double Line) (128 Kms)
5)Birur – Chikjajur (68 Kms)
Recently Commissioner of Railway Safety had permitted running of trains at 110 Kmph in the following sections SWR.
6) Londa to Miraj (186 Km) 7) Sanvordem – Vasco (19 Kms)

The work of increasing speed over the zone is being taken up at the divisional level under the direction of Vipul Kumar, PCE/SWR. Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR has informed that the zone is focusing on eliminating speed restrictions to minimum to improve speed of trains.

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